Each summer Lund Formula Student arrange Nordic Test Event, an event where Formula Student teams from all the Nordic countries get the opportunity to prepare for upcoming competitions and to hang out with each other. The event was held for the first time in 2015, so this year will be our 6th time! During the event the teams have the possibility to test their cars in different dynamic events and alongside this, there will also be other happenings and activities as well.

All FS teams who want to attend are more than welcome to join us. We will arrange all the static- and dynamic events. There will be a testing area open at all times, and you will also get the chance to have your car scrutineered. In addition, we will also arrange a bunch of exciting activities on the racetrack. All the attendees to this years NTE years will also get the opportunity to go to a recruitment fair in Helsingborg. 

The Event In Numbers









The Event In Detail


2019 we had 200 students attending the event, and beside of that we also have a number of alumni and professionals that help out as judges during the different testing events. All FS teams from the Nordic countries who want to attend are more than welcome to join us. 


The alumni helps the team to identify things to make sure the cars are rules compliant and safe to drive.

Static Events

We discuss and give feedback in how we can present the engineering design, business plan and cost & manufacturing events.

The Event Area

The event is located at the race track in Ljungbyhed, in southern Sweden, with a total ground area of about 62 hectare! On the event area there are hangars that we use as pits for the cars and gathering halls. In the buildings there are also meeting rooms that are used for the workshops.

Dynamic Events

We use the race track to test the cars in the different dynamics event such as acceleration, cornering and track runs.


This event will be held with the help from our partners, which will have company representatives on site so that the teams get the opportunity to talk about possible future employment etc. and also have the chance to get professional opionions and advice about your cars.


The following is the approximate schedule for the event and might come to change over time.



17:00: Check in opens



09:00: Breakfast

11:45: Lunch

13:15: Helsingborg 

20:15: Back to Ljungbyhed


08:00: Breakfast

09:00: Information

10:00: Scrutineering, Cost & Manufacturing

12:00: Lunch

13:00: Test Area opens

18:00: Test Area closes

19:00: BBQ


09:00: Breakfast

11:00: Test Area opens

13:00: Lunch

15:00: Test Area closes

16:00: Formel 1 

18:00: Sittning


10:00: Breakfast

11:00: Activity 

12:00: Event closes


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