About Us

We are the Formula Student Team of Lund University...

The project started 2006, and is formerly known as LURacing. Every autumn we start with a new team of engineering students. Our goal is to design, develop and manufacture a top class racing car during the school year, and compete against other universities from all over the world at official competitions.

Being part of Lund University, we are the only team representing the school and the region of Skåne in the Formula Student competitions. Each year we build a Formula Student spec car and compete in the competitions held in Europe. In 2019, our car placed second in Formula Student Netherlands and eighth in Formula Student Germany. This made our world ranking shoot up to 42nd best in the world, 15th in Europe and 1st in the Nordic countries.

Cars built
Volunteering Students

A video from Lund Formula Students 2019 unveiling event, showcasing our progress to our followers. 

Want to see more videos? Check out our YouTube acount!

A year of a Formula Student project begins in spring, when a new team is recruited and put together. During summer, the new team is being showed the ropes and introduced to the concept of the competition, as well as absorbing the competence of the previous team.

In autumn, the design phase starts. This involves designing and planning how the car is going to look and be put together, as well as ordering all of the parts and running tests and simulations on how it will handle. Revisions and changes are made constantly during the autumn after reviewing each part.

After the new year, the design is frozen and everything should be ready to go. Now the real fun begins, which is actually building the car physically and not just in CAD! This is the manufacturing phase. All of the plans and designs are followed to create each individual little part of the car, from milling tiny spokes for the driveshaft to making massive carbon fiber plates.

During the last breath of spring we show off our work and the finished car(s) at our unveiling event, and then the preparations for the competitions begin. Testing, testing and a lot of fine tunings and adjustments are being made here. And in July, we’re off to compete!