Each summer Lund Formula Student arranges Nordic Test Event, an event where Formula Student teams from all the Nordic countries get the opportunity to prepare for upcoming competitions and just hang out! The event was held for the first time in 2015, so 2021 will be our 6th time considering that this year was impossible. During the event the teams have the possibility to test their cars in different dynamic events and alongside this, there will also be other happenings and activities as well. Almost like a mini-competition!

All FS teams who want to attend are more than welcome to join us. We will arrange all the static- and dynamic events. There will be a testing area open at all times, and you will also get the chance to have your car scrutineered. In addition, we will also arrange a bunch of exciting activities on the racetrack. There will also  be company representatives on site so you get the opportunity to discuss possible future employment, and of course the chance to get professional opionions and advice about your cars.


Is a few ambitious individuals who want nothing else than to plan this huge event. You will work closely with the administration team and project management to ensure this turns out to be the best NTE in LFS history. Below are the positions we offer:


Managing the Nordic Test Event comes with the great responsibility of managing a team of people and together making the best event possible. You’ll manage the planning, meetings invitations, registrations and communication with the other teams. You’ll also be coordinating and following up on your team and helping out where help is needed. You’ll therefore be working with partners, finance, marketing and logistics as well.You will be the link between the administration team and the rest of the managers of Lund Formula Student. It is your task to make sure communication is effective between these different fields in order to take the event and organisation to new heights.


The whole reason for NTE is to, you guessed it, test our cars. The event simulates a real competition with all it’s different dynamic and static events and gives us some experience before going to the actual competitions.

In the role as the testing responsible you’ll plan the testing events and make sure we have everything we need, which can be anything from getting lithium battery fire extinguishers to recruiting competent alumnis to help work at the event.

It’s highly meriting if you have good contacts with alumni from both LFS and other teams whom have personally attended competitions, so you know what to plan for.


As the communicator for the NTE you are responsible for managing the presence on social medias and making sure the website stays up to date. This means working with marketing and graphic design to present the event to possible partners and other teams in a professional way.

The NTE team will all be helping each other out and you will therefore undertake certain logistics and event planning responsibilities in addition to the communicative ones.


For NTE to happen we need to keep in mind a lot of different factors. We need food, safety equipment, power sockets, designated sleeping areas, toilets, the placement of everything mentioned above as well as innumerable other small things. It’s your responsibility to arrange for all of these things and to make sure that we aren’t missing anything at the actual event later. Planning, calculating and keeping tabs on things will be your MO for the NTE.

As mentioned, the NTE team will all be helping each other out. What this means for you is that you will undertake certain communication responsibilities to aid in the planning of the event.