The managers are responsible for the operational parts of the organisation. Apart from the project- and technical leaders, each manager is responsible for their respective subteam, making sure deadlines are met and dividing the workload in their team. They are also members of the board.


The administration team takes care of everything not related to the car. This ranges from events and scheduling to marketing and finances. This team has an overview of what is happening at any given time within the organisation and handles the non-mechanical parts.


As a new venture for LFS21, this team aims to make a carbon fiber reinforced polymer monocoque. This functions as the chassis on which the car is based, as opposed to the steel space frame we have used in the past. This team needs to pay special attention to how each subsystem is integrated in the chassis to make the most effective car possible.


The aerodynamics team aims to make wing elements that give the car its downforce, both in front and rear. They are also in charge of cooling to make sure the car doesn’t overheat.

Chassis Dynamics

In summary, the chassis dynamics team is responsible for the moving parts. This includes the suspension elements, as well as the uprights for the wheels.

Low Voltage

A car is not purely mechanical, there are many electronic parts that need to be considered. This is what the low voltage team excels at. They do everything from handling the control units to adapting software to cooperate with the car, as well as gathering data during testing to continiously improve the car.

High Voltage

While you might get a little zap from working with the parts mentioned above, it is slightly more serious with this team. The high voltage team develops the batteries and motor for our electric vehicle, continually developing safe methods of working with high voltage equipment. Ultimately, they aim to make the electric vehicle into a powerhouse to rival our previous combustion vehicles.


Last but not least, the driverless team. This year the driverless team want to integrate an autonomous design onto the electric vehicle, making a car that functions both with and without a driver.