Main Partners

One of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Sweden with over 40 thousand students, Lund University offers a wide variety of different educations from the STEM fields to economics and humanities. The university conducts world leading research in over 30 fields, and a large international presence with partnerships in close to 70 countries.

With their support, we get to have our office and workshop in their facilities, with access to equipment and space we otherwise would have had to solve ourselves. In summary, without the generosity of Lund University’s resources, this project would never be possible.

Examec specialises in high precision components and advanced machine engineering in smaller series. Their speciality is building machines with the highest requirements for reliability, complex assembly and in making components with the highest precision, for example crank shafts for Swedish hypercars. For several years Examec has helped LFS with the manufacturing of advanced components such as wheel hubs, uprights and a-arm bearing holders. We are very grateful for their support with these parts that we aren’t able to produce ourselves!

Region Skåne is the governing municipal body of Skåne, with the goal to work for health, sustainability and growth of the region. They are responsible for healthcare, public transport, infrastructure and environmental issues among other areas of society. 

They have kindly partnered with us to help our budding engineers become the best there is in Sweden, and we are very happy for their involvement in Lund Formula Student.