In the autumn of 2014, LU Racing was on a good streak. The last two cars were quick, and had been doing well at competitions. Unfortunately they had also been very expensive, and taken two years to complete. Lund University gave the team an ultimatum, the next car needed to cheaper and be ready for the 2015 competitions. The team also decided to change name to Lund Formula Student, meaning a name change for the cars as well.

The LFS-15 was decided to be a re-iteration of the LUR6 concept, with more focus on manufacturability and reliability. A lot of the parts that were previously made of carbon fiber were instead made of heavier materials.


Still, at 165 kg it was by no means a heavy car, and despite more restrictions on the engine it developed a respectable 50 bhp. New regulations also forced the reduction of the aero package.

The team made it to the 2015 Formula Student UK competition, where they scored very well at every event except engineering design. The intake and fuel system also won an award for innovation in propulsion systems. Overall they placed 8th out 92, our best placement for a standard Formula Student car ever. Later that same summer at Formula Student Austria, the team placed 13th out of 20 very good teams after a fuel leak prevented them from finishing the endurance event.

Power (KG)
Weight (KG)
Top Speed (KM/H)
Torque (NM)



Formula Student aUSTRIA

13th place out of 20

Cost Event: 14th
Bussiness presentation: 15th
Engineering design: 13th
Acceleration: 12th
Skid Pad: 9th
Autocross: 11th
Endurance: 17th
Efficiency: –

Formula Student uk

8th place out of 92

Cost Event: 7th
Bussiness presentation: 18th
Engineering design: 44th
Acceleration: 17th
Skid Pad: 17th
Autocross: 10th
Endurance: 11th
Efficiency: 13th

Team Members

Administrative Director: Christopher Toyberg-Frandzen
Technical Director: Anton Franzén 


Anton Sedin

Lionel Joham
Erik Dahlberg
Linda Wölk
Jacobo Arango Giraldo
Marco Fröhlke
Anna-Lena Georg
Sasa Lipovsek
Marlene Jordan
Christian Hoffmann
Alexandros Drakoulis
Jules Engel


Daniel Johari

Carl-Johan Kokacka
Robin Emanuelsson
Mikael Lund
Sebastian Katra
Johan Reerslev
David Hagersten
Anders Järpedal
Terese Wahlström
Filip Johannesson


François Boveroux

Sven Kalkan
Viking Persson
Jamil Habbosh
Martin Eriksson
Michael Nilsson


Morgan Ask

Simon Wrafter
Adnan Mehmedagic
Olle Ferling
Victor Lovén
Simon Johansson
Freddie Olsson


Robin Wiberg
Ian Thorslund
Daniel Johari
Michael Nilsson