The LFS-15 team was great at building a car, but unfortunately they were not as good at recruiting new team members. Their successors being the smallest team in Lund Formula Student history. The team that started to develop the LFS-16 in September 2015 consisted of less than 20 people, and none of them had been a member of a previous team. Because of this, a concept was chosen with the intention of making it as easy as possible to manufacture. The LFS-16 had a steel space frame with a four cylinder 600cc engine as a stressed member of the chassis, like the LUR3. Many parts from previous cars were reused to save manufacturing time.

The team put in what can only be describes as a heroic effort to finish the car in time for Formula Student UK 2016. There they struggled to pass scrutineering, but eventually made it with some help from other teams. They only got to run the endurance event, where the car ran well for the first three laps. Unfortunately there was a light collision with another car that ended the event prematurely. All in all they placed 73rd out of 106 teams, a respectable result considering the circumstances.

Power (HP)
Weight (KG)
Top Speed (KM/H)
Torque (NM)


Formula Student UK
65th place out of 73

Cost Event: 65th
Bussiness presentation: 60th
Engineering design: 50th
Acceleration: –
Skid Pad: –
Autocross: –
Endurance: 67th
Efficiency: –

Team Members

Project Leader: Giovana Toni


William Bergh
Cristian Andreescu


Alexander Mullaart
David Bengtsson
Jochen Stiasny
Harald Berg
Jakob Lindbladh
Shawn Huang
Anil Can Turkmen
William Hellingwerf
Luiz Fernando Siviero
Marco Túilo Gama
Lucas Melo


Alexander Mullaart
Daniel Johari
Robin Wiberg
David Hagersten