Recruitment for the 2016/2017 team was a big step up from the previous year, and the LFS-17 became a continuation of it’s predecessor built by a more numerous and experienced team. The two biggest differences being the aerodynamics package and changing the rear suspension to a De Dion axle. It weighed in at 218 kg and the four cylinder engine developed 75 bhp.

The team was off to a great start at Formula Student UK 2017, with good results in the static and dynamic events. Halfway through the endurance event it looked like the team was heading for a top 3 finish, but an overheated battery meant the car did not make it to the finish line. This led to a 17th place finish out of 62 teams.

Later that same summer in Germany, the team had trouble getting through scrutineering, making them miss the first two dynamic events. They did set some good times in the autocross event and the car made it to the endurance finish line, but was unfortunately disqualified from the latter. The post-endurance scrutineering found an issue with one of the safety switches, leading the team to finish 56th out of 64.

Power (hp)
Weight (KG)
Top Speed



Formula Student UK

17th place out of 62

Cost Event: 49th
Bussiness presentation: 10th
Engineering design: 7th
Acceleration: 15th
Skid Pad: 7th
Autocross: 4th
Endurance: 20th
Efficiency: –

Formula Student Germany

56th place out of 64

Cost Event: 64th
Bussiness presentation: 19th
Engineering design: 38th
Acceleration: –
Skid Pad: –
Autocross: 23rd
Endurance: –
Efficiency: –

Team Members

Technical Director: Daniel Johari


Isabelle Larsson

Andreas Vidovic
Hampus Henåker
William Erim
Otto Delshammar


John Huzell

David Bäcklund
Edvin Malm
Fredrik Abrahamsson
Johan Appelros
Johan Frykebrant
Alexander Mullaart
Daniel Larsson
William Hellingwerf
Sergio Chico González
Ludwig Kristiansson
Samuel Norup
Simon Önnered
David Krantz
Fritiof Hegardt
Nils Voigt Dahl


Pontus Månsson

Hannes Laurin Hansen
Agustin Quesada Pascual
Erik Gabrielsson


David Bengtsson

Peder Klint
Filip Dahlberg
Leonardo Pidal Toran
Rohan Raghunath


Daniel Johari
Alexander Mullaart
Daniel Larsson
Sergio Chico Gonzáles