LU Racing was formed in 2006 and the first car they set out to produce was called, quite logically, the LUR1. The chassis consisted of a steel space frame and a fiberglass body. Power was delivered by a two cylinder 1100cc engine, with only one cylinder firing. The other was working as a compressor, feeding the active one.

At the 2007 Formula Student UK competition, the team had trouble getting through the scrutineering. Since they did not run any dynamic events, they placed 51 out of 69 competing teams. A disappointing end to an ambitious start.

Power (hp)
Weight (kg)
Top Speed (km/h)
Torque (nm)


Formula Student UK

51st place out of 69

Cost Event: 56th
Bussiness presentation: 55th
Engineering design: 34th
Acceleration: –
Skid Pad: –
Autocross: –
Endurance: –
Efficiency: –