The LUR3, affectionately called “the egg”, was designed and built during the 08/09 season. The car was a continuation on the LUR2 concept, with updates to the suspension geometry. Other changes included converting the engine to run on E85, and major upgrades to the electronics.


The LUR3 became the first car from Lund to score points at the dynamic events, and at the cost event the team managed to get our first top 10 placement. Despite the big step forward in points scored, similar improvements by the rest of the competitors meant that the overall result was 51st out of 78.

Power (hp)
Weight (kg)
Top Speed (km/h)
Torque (nm)


Formula Student UK

51st place out of 78

Cost Event: 6th
Bussiness presentation: 40th
Engineering design: 33rd
Acceleration: 45th
Skid Pad: 36th
Autocross: 44th
Endurance: –
Efficiency: –