LUR 4 is probably the most advanced car built by the team, it was a huge technological step forward. From a steel space frame to a carbon fiber chassis. From a relatively standard 4 cylinder combustion engine, to an award winning hybrid electric powertrain. Power was supplied by a vector controlled induction motor, and a 250cc petrol engine with custom made electronically controlled throttle.

Complex machines have a tendency to be more unreliable, but for the LUR4 this was not the case. It became the first Lund car to finish the endurance event, and good results in the other events led to a second place finish at Formula Student UK 2010!


A great result, even if there were only 9 competing cars in the same vehicle class.

While Europe is the most competitive region in Formula Student overall, the best hybrid cars are built in North America. Spurred on by their good results, the team decided to try their luck on the other side of the Atlantic. At the 2011 Formula Hybrid competition in New Hampshire the team placed third out of 25. They brought two more trophies with them home, winning the design event and the IEEE Engineering the Future Award.

Power (hp)
Weight (kg)
Top Speed (km/h)
Torque (nm)


Formula Student uk

2nd place out of 9

Sustianibility: 3rd
Business presentation: 3rd
Engineering design: 3dr
Acceleration: 4th
Skid Pad: 4th
Autocross: 4th
Endurance: 3rd
Efficiency: 3rd

Formula hybrid new hampshire

3th place out of 25

Business presentation: 7th
Engineering design: 1st
Acceleration electric: –
Acceleration unrestricted: –
Autocross: 3rd
Endurance: 3rd