The LUR5 was a return to the combustion class for LU Racing, due to the decline of the Formula Student Hybrid class in Europe. It was powered by a 4 cylinder 600cc engine and the chassis made up of a full carbon fibre monocoque. Even though the powertrain had to be changed, the LUR5 could pick up the chassis development where the LUR4 left off. Constructing pretty much everything out of carbon fibre led to a very lightweight car, but also made it difficult to manufacture.


The team failed to finish the car in time for the 2011 competitions, and instead went to Formula Student UK in 2012. There they had some trouble with the dynamic events, but a good endurance event put them in 28th place out of 97 competing teams.

Power (hp)
Weight (kg)
Top Speed (km/h)
Torque (nm)


Formula Student UK

28th place out of 97

Cost Event: 40th
Bussiness presentation: 70th
Engineering design: 51st
Acceleration: 39th
Skid Pad: –
Autocross: 29th
Endurance: 20th
Efficiency: 20th