Accupack Design

Main Task

You will be in charge of the mechanical design of the accumulator (battery) – container which stores the highly flammable Lithium Polymer cells. This system is very regulated by the rules in terms of materials, fasteners and load cases, but it still offers a lot of possibilities for different design choices and solutions within the boundaries of those rules.

Your Profile

You should have advanced skills and a big interest in designing mechanical systems using CAD-software. Due to the high amount of rules governing this area, being systematic, thorough and having an eye for detail, while at the same time being creative and thinking outside the box is a plus. As there will be two people working on the same design, cooperation and synergy with that other person is very important.

Recommended Courses

Here is a list of recommended courses which is good to have read before applying for this position. Notice that this is just and recommendation and not a requirement.

MMVF01, Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics
FKMA01, Construction materials
FHLF15, Solid Mechanics


Want to know more about this position or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact some of our alumni to find out their advice and thoughts!

William Hellingwerf & Stefan Lopar, LFS20