Driverless Integration

Main Task

Building a formula student car that is able to drive by itself requires additions in the form of extra electronics and equipment to fulfil all the rules when competing as a driverless vehicle. Your tasks will consist of understanding how purchased equipment works but also evaluate last year’s design choices of safety critical components and improve them in specific areas. You’ll collaborate a lot with the other members in the low voltage and driverless subteams so good communication is vital in succeeding in this role.

Your Profile

You should feel comfortable in communicating with other members in the team and it’s also a plus, not a requirement, if you have previous experience of working with electrical components and designing circuits in other projects.

Recommended Courses

Here is a list of recommended courses which are good to have read before applying for this position. Notice that this is not a requirement.

EITA35/EITA10 Electronics
EITF65, Design of Digital Circuits – A systems approach


Want to know more about this position or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact some of our alumni to find out their advice and thoughts!