Main Task

Our Project Leader is the head of our organisation and therefore Chairman of the board. The Project Leader is main responsible to lead the team and the whole organisation forward by operating with a focus in the long term. A lot of the tasks in this role, therefore, includes keeping a good relationship with the university, important partners, other Formula Student Teams and our Alumni. On a weekly basis, it is the Project Leaders role to plan both manager and team meeting, as well as keeping track of how the whole project is going and to solve any problems that have occurred. Other responsibilities are also to plan the logistics for the competitions and recruitment for next years team.

Your Profile

You take responsibility very seriously and you are outgoing and enthusiastic. You are an organized and focused natural leader with good communication skills in both Swedish and English. Preferably you have some experience with project and/or company management and it is meriting if you have been involved in formula student before.

Recommended Courses

Here is a list of recommended courses which is good to have read before applying for this position. Notice that this is just and recommendation and not a requirement.

MVKN05, Projekt – Formula Student

Appropriate Courses

During the year it is suitable to take the following courses in order to learn and developed even more within the fields that this position holds.

MAMF15, Work Organization and Management


Want to know more about this position or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact some of our alumni to find out their advice and thoughts!

Klara Olli, LFS20
Anton Sedin, LFS19