Sensors & Software

Main Task

Sensors are used around the car for critical measurements such as throttle position and brake pressure, but also for gathering data on general parameters of the car. These sensors are connected to a number of control units which read sensor- and driver input and transmit these via a communication bus, as well as controlling various systems such as the cooling of the car. You will be responsible for the software running on these control units, as well as selecting sensors, making sure that requirements from other systems are met, and that all the software on the car works together.

Your Profile

You should have an interest in programming, and be used to working in different environments. You have experience in connecting hardware with software, transducers in particular being a merit. Experience with programming in C is meriting, especially with microcontrollers in particular.

Recommended Courses

Here is a list of recommended courses which are good to have read before applying for this position. Notice that this is not a requirement.

EITA35, Electronics (Elektronik)
EIEF35, Electrotechnology Basics (Elektroteknikens grunder)
ESSF10, Metrology (Mätteknik)
EDAA55/56, Programming
EDAA01, Advanced Programming
EDAG01, Efficient C (Effektiv C)
BMEF10, Transducer technology (Sensorteknik)
EITF70, Computer organization (Datorteknik)


Want to know more about this position or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact some of our alumni to find out their advice and thoughts!

Viktor Bard, Elias Frykholm, Oskar Nilveus Olofsson, Axel Sneitz-Björkman & Oskar Berg, LFS20