Chassi Dynamics Manager

Main Task

Your main responsibility is to lead the group and make sure that deadlines are set and fulfilled and that everyone in the group have the resources they need to perform their tasks. By leading the weekly subteam-meetings and attending the weekly manager-meetings you will be responsible for making sure that your group is aligned with the overall goals of the organisation as well as representing their interests in relation to the rest of the project. The suspension system includes a lot of parts manufactured by sponsors, hence you will be one of the main links between the organisation and the companies. You will not have an immediate design-responsibility, but you will rather be responsible for the suspension and drivetrain system as a whole which includes guiding the members in their design-choices.

Your Profile

There is no need of previous technical experience but you should be excited to gain a wide perspective of how the car functions as well as helping to lead the LFS-organisation towards success. As a person you should be organized and confident in being the leader of a group.

Recommended Courses

Here is a list of recommended courses which is good to have read before applying for this position. Notice that this is just and recommendation and not a requirement.

MVKN05, Project – Formula Student


Want to know more about this position or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact some of our alumni to find out their advice and thoughts!

Jacob Wallersköld, LFS20