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Private Person?

Do you think our project is as awesome as we think and want to aid in our success?


Is your company interested in marketing  yourselves and supporting a student project?


Everything helps! We want to be able to compete at the top level, and to do that we appreciate every little contribution! 

As a solution we have elected to start up a crowdfunding campaign, where we turn to you for support and a chance to help us with this wonderful journey!


Below you will find what perks you get for supporting us.

  • Your name on our site here
  • Cool sticker
  • Sweet goodie bag filled to the brim with merch
  • Mention on social media? (thanks to this months’ top donors or something idk)
  • A visit to our offices

IMPORTANT: Add your e-mail address in the description of your contribution so we can contact you!

Become a Partner

Does your company want to support us with either economical means or supplies? Please contact us!

We very much appreciate every single contribution. We also provide different perks depending on your level of involvement, get in touch with us to learn more!

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